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As you will see from the caveat at the bottom of all the pages Whole-Of-Life-Insurance.co.uk is a trading style of Invest & Protect Financial Management.

Invest & Protect is a firm of Independent Financial advisers and as such we provide independent financial advice to the public.

We appreciate that in this day and age a lot of people already know exactly what they want and all they want to do is buy it. So it is for this reason that we have created this site to enable people like yourself to buy whole of life insurance at a low cost discounted rate without the need for any advice.

We have however provided information through links at the top of the pages that should assist you with the reasons for whole of life cover and what benefits you can have within the plan along with things that the plans can be used for. So please feel free to navigate round the site to make your life insurance decision a little easier.

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For More information on Invest & Protect Ltd and their services or for Independent financial advice please visit Investandprotect.co.uk